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“First off, these look so cool, and the case is awesome. Soon as I put them on, noise around me was canceled out, wow, this is so cool. Then I paired it with my phone, started playing music….whoah, how can this sound so good, then I thought others could hear it and no one could hear anything while I had them on. The sound was so good, the base was awesome. I had stereo sound in my head phones. Then someone called me, um, hello…no way. They heard me , I heard them. So there I am, talking in my head phones. Plus I could hear them so clearly. They hung up, my music began where it left off. They look great, sound awesome and have the cutest carrying case ever. I’m so excited with the results of these bluetooth headphones!”

Keris J.

“I cant say enough about this headset. First I love the color!! I wanted Rose Gold to match my watch, phone and ipad. I wanted a wireless set because I have a good wired set but sometimes I just want to be able to walk away from my phone or ipad. Also I can link a wireless set to my watch. The best surprise to this set was not only the price but the fact it has FM capabilities. I can not have it linked to anything and just listen to the radio. It is easy to set up, the set talks to you so you know if you are linking Bluetooth or listening to radio. It also comes with a case, of course in the beautiful rose gold, and all necessary cables. I was very surprised on the sound quality and fit as well. All around a great purchase!”

TC Miky

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