MKay Over Ear Headset V5.0 with Microphone (Rose Gold)

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  • UNIQUE AND NICE COLOR: The Mkay bluetooth headphones over ear are designed with unique BLACK-BLUE COLOR,and it will be a perfect surprising gift for boys,girls, kids, teenagers,men,women, bringing warm and happy to your children, family, lovers and friends in any special holidays or birthday.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE & DUAL MODE: 500mAh battery,18 hours of music time,2.5 hours fast charing. Whether you are watching TV, gaming or using your phone this over ear bluetooth headphones wireless can be used as wired headphones without battery consumption using the 3.5mm cable. Built in FM radio and also you can use a 2G-32G TF card(not included in the package) with loaded MP3 music to listen to songs directly.
  • SUPERIOR STEREO SOUND: Experience superb music and voice clarity. Bluetooth Version 5.0 can make the wireless headphones connecting fast and stable. Advanced compatiable for with iPhone, iPad, Air, Mini, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Phones, laptops, computers, TV and many other Bluetooth enabled devices. Perfect headset for audio lovers, make them completely immersed in the music world. Kindly notice: No Microphone in wired mode.
  • COMFORTABLE & SUPER LIGHT: These over ear bluetooth headphones come with oval-shaped not small round soft pads and adjustable headband providing lasting comfort. Best wireless bluetooth solution for long term gaming or tv(a SEPARATE Bluetooth adapter needed) use, over ear headsets are superior to using in ear bluetooth earbuds or earphones
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN WITH A PORTABLE CASE:The foldable headband is designed not only for saving space but also for portable to carry in the provided case when travelling or work out. Auto-reconnect to your bluetooth headset easily and instantly. Buy one for yourself and an extra set for a tv, music lover, traveller or gamer you know today.


145 reviews for MKay Over Ear Headset V5.0 with Microphone (Rose Gold)

  1. Nancy haas

    Very pleased with headphones. Clear and crisp.

  2. Julianne Agamaite

    Am having a little trouble with volume control while using it with audible books. They are comfortable

  3. Ellyn Yuhas

    Like the color and was very easy to set up.

  4. Brandie White

    I love the color & how user friendly it is!

  5. Nathaniel

    I like how high quality they feel and sound

  6. Shonkista Y Stephens

    Lightweight and the sound is amazing.

  7. Kristen Sherrie-Rigel

    Awesome! I really like how they cancel out noise and are comfortable.

  8. Zhaquita HillHarris

    Bought them for my daughter and she loves them.

  9. Ashley Boone

    Bought these for my 6 year old daughter but they are so good, I ordered a pair for myself as soon as I used hers.

  10. Qrystl Garcia

    I love the color of the product. It’s design and functionality are awesome.

  11. Christie Leasure

    I have only used it a couple of days. Still trying it out.

  12. Kelly Cecala

    My daughter loves them! Very nice product!

  13. Denise M Kraska

    Great design! Love that the headphones came with a sturdy and protective carry storage case.

  14. Shanise Pryor

    I like the color and the quality of the materials

  15. Catherine McCormick

    I love the color of this product. They are super comfortable! The carrying case is very good quality as well. They pair quickly to your device. I’m excited to try the other functions available with this device.

  16. Anahi Martin

    So fashionable great sound, can’t go wrong with the wireless, easy to use and great noise canceling feature.

  17. alexis Pinilla

    I bought them for my 8 year old daughter. She loves them and says they are comfortable when wearing long hours

  18. Kas Ryan

    It is great. My daughter loves this product. The price is awesome. I will buy again in the future for my niece.

  19. Igor Korelov

    I like the design and sound. The power button in the instructions and in reality did not match.

  20. Catherine Trahan

    Pros: Cute, great hard case included, good sound quality, good Bluetooth range
    Cons: They make my glasses dig into my head behind my ears causing pain and soreness (adjusting them frequently for comfort helps)

  21. Consuelo Perez

    I really like them, the battery last a lot and they are overall comfortable, they are bigger than I thought

  22. Christmas Reed

    Straightforward headphones. Easy to use and good audio

  23. Yarimar Soto

    I love it. I use it daily. 🤗
    Very nice for a long train ride.

    I love it because I can actually not hear anything except a very loud noises.

  24. Dayana Navarro

    Nice color, comfortable desing and good sound

  25. Paloma Barron

    Very comfortable fitting, nice color and nice case.

  26. Hawa Ahmed

    I like it so far. It has been great to connect. So fast to connect. I love the color and the softness over my ears. The fact that I can’t connect to the radio.

  27. Rose Allbee

    I love the price and it works great
    I love that it comes with a hard case so you can keep everything together

  28. Cathy Riley

    This product exceeds my expectations for the range without having my phone with me. It’s a great product and I love it’s a shade of pink.

  29. Carice Chappell

    I love the look and feel of these headphones! The rose gold color is so cute and they are very lightweight! The sound quality is great, especially with the great value of the headphones!

  30. Isaac Garza

    Purchased gift for my daughter and she loves them !

  31. Alice Stelzer

    I bought it because it said it could connect to your television your iPod iPad and phone but all I can get it to connect to is the phone otherwise I’d be returning it. I am probably not doing it right but I followed the directions that came with it. The television tells me there’s no hardware available.

  32. Barbara Ortiz

    I purchase two. Very nice product works good.

  33. Lana K Stokes

    Nice color, great sound, easy to pair with phone and a coop case to keep them in.

  34. Jamie Ortiz

    Easy to use, clear sound and even though it technically doesn’t have a mic, you are still able to talk into it as if it has a mic! It’s a great bonus feature!

  35. Tameca Woodroffe or Jewel Williams

    The package is adorable and it really does block out noises. I love that it covers my ear comfortably.

  36. Eliana Sakilayan

    I like the color. It is also soft on the ears.

  37. Carol Shum

    I like the ease and it still works.

  38. Debra A Kline

    I just opened the box so I haven’t finished set up yet & can’t say much except they’re nice looking, light weight & come in a nice zipper storage case

  39. Michael E Atwater

    I received this as a birthday gift and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The sound quality is great.

  40. Kathleen Perry

    Very nice product. I purchased because of the ability to use as MP3 player.

  41. Abigail Rodriguez

    I love the quality of this product

  42. santa Cecilia Pagan

    I love the product and plan to purchase more

  43. Oyebimpe Oyewale-Smith

    when using Bluetooth I’m told I sound far away

  44. Lauren Ray

    The volume doesn’t work. It is reversed (up is down & down is up) & it increases volume by itself.

  45. Dr. Anica Camela Mulzac

    I’ve only received my device today so I haven’t had much time to try it. However, so far so good.

  46. Caitlynn Arguello

    I like the design and the sound is good. I have only used it a little and already love it

  47. Nedim Osmanovic

    Love the colour and box it comes in. My daughter is so happy!

  48. Sadia

    It is really good, but sometimes it is glitching and the sound is different.

  49. Marsha Woodard

    We liked these so much we bought two pairs

  50. Usha Jagdeo

    I just received my new head phones and was so excited. It came wrapped up in a simple packaging but once opened, it’s full of surprises. I love the case which it comes in and the sleek design with all the amazing functions. It’s light weight and looks well manufactured. I have it charging right now and can’t wait to use it. I did put it over my ears to see how it feels and it’s very comfortable and it actually does block out some of the noise from the outside. This is my first time buying this product and I am very pleased so far! Thank you very much!!

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